Perfect jacket for me!

What you will need

  • Janet's pattern which I modified to suit me

Q&A with Littlejack

Nancy Jane York asked:
I love what you did with the jacket!!
Littlejack answered:
Thank you. I wanted to take Janet's class but the pattern as such was not my style. I made a facing for the back and piped all outer edges with trim which is silk. I slot seamed according to the "Seam Decorative" class. the cuffs were too big for the style so I foldeddthem over...loved the results
Scheri Manson asked:
Wow very sharp jacket. Love the contrast trim.
Littlejack answered:
Thank you. I used slub silk that I had in my stash
Pohutukawa asked:
Great versatile jacket!
Littlejack answered:
Yes I can dress it up or down. I have worn it oftenQ