Peplum topp with knit fabric

Project Description

What are you most proud of? The lace on the top with the vertical lines helps soften the look. It made the whole top I think. Also I made sure to make it long enough just longer than my wides point of thighs... It makes me look slimmer. What advice would you give someone starting this project? I actually only overlocked/Serged the ends... and nothing more. Super easy and fast. Choose a 3 thread overlock with short length and it looks fine as an edging. Hoping it will hold in wash as well... :-D I will say that I actually went back and adder proper endings as the overlock was NOT enough. It folds up to easily and the threads gets easily caught on something. Advice: incorporate styling advices for your body shape in your design. I am hourglass-ish/chello as my shoulders a slightly narrower than my hips. So my design choices was based on that I have big boobs (added the lace to soften) big tummy (made it not to tight) and big hips (made the skirt longer to fit me right below my widest point)

What you will need

  • knit fabric

Q&A with Lisamariet

Aromagal1 asked:
Fabulous! do tell us more about the trim pieces near the neckline
Lisamariet answered:
Trim pieces.. is actually elastic lace tape.. that I sewed on after the top was completed. carefully not stretching the tape.... so that it would pucker. It was all done by freehand... pinning to make sure it stayed in place, and slowly sewing. :-D It was difficult because it is stretch tape...
charlene63135 asked:
I see you dropped the neckline and added a square trim around the neck. It looks fabulous! Every time I look at the projects I am drawn to yours. I love that you did it in knit also. I can't see if you did the darts. Did you include them in the garment?
Lisamariet answered:
Hi there... sorry I missed this question. Yes.. there are darts.. they are absolutely needed, at least for me. I am lucky in that I have an hourglass-ish shape.. at least my boobs are big and I need to show some waist. I love this top because of the knit it is comfy and even if the original size would sit to tight over the boobs.. the knit helps. I also have to large tummy... so the shape of this project helps me hide that. Only think I do not like with the knit is that I only overlocked the ends.. I have had to change that .. as it is too easily caught on something and the threads get pulled. However it is very soft knit and I have to iron it after wash... but hey.. it looks great :-D
mem44861144739b asked:
I love your top! Looks great. Nice fabric, like the square trim.
Lisamariet answered:
Thanks. The square trim...yes.. it makes HUGE difference. As my boobs are large... I tend to look alot like a big square on top so needed something to break that up. Usually a V-neck.. so had to think outside the box.. as I was playing with the Lace-tape... I suddenly came over this semi square shape. carefully placed according to my boobs.
Mama Lusco asked:
Beautiful top! Very flattering and I love that you used knit. Did you change the sizing at all because of the knit?
Lisamariet answered:
Thanks :-D No I did not alter the size. I fiddled with the darts a bit... but other than that no.. I guess it could have been smaller.. but I didn't want anything too tight over my tummy.

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