Created by: amelia33


You Can Make This

amelia33 made Pashmina with:

  • Cotton and beads

Q&A with amelia33

BiAnCa S asked:
Ohhh! This is beautiful! Is it double-sided? I love the color combo on either side.
amelia33 answered:
Thanks, It is only one sided.
Nixxi asked:
What a lovely pashmina ... I do like that way you have embroidered and embellished your stencil (where did you get it by the way?)
amelia33 answered:
madkat asked:
I'm drooling!
amelia33 answered:
Ha! You wouldn't be drooling if you knew what a klutz I was getting the photo- managed to fall off a chair and tear the acl and mcl in my knee! Who knew art could be so dangerous!