Pants fitting version 3

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I've come a long way in a short time thanks to the course and all the helpful suggestions. And I never gave up trying which has previously been my problem when I didn't know how to make corrections to poor fitting. I've learned that making small adjustments can make a big difference and will use the techniques I've learned in a lot of other projects I'm sure. What advice would you give someone starting this project? For this third attempt, I tried to vary the back length because I found that if I lifted up the back center waistband, a lot of the excess seemed to disappear. So I removed 1/2 inch from the top center of the back waist, tapering to nil at the side seams. Then I scooped out the back crotch curve 1/2 inch to make it more of a U shape than an oval to compensate for removing length at the top. I cut in the center at the princess seam from the backside drop off to the rear knee. I removed a small amount at the center back to make the waist a little smaller and make the pants fit a little higher at the waist instead of just under. A lot of the diagonal folds have disappeared. Everything is still hanging straight where it should be. The back leg is still fairly loose but smoother than the other versions. Walking, sitting and moving about is comfortable. I also completed the trousers with the top stitching, zip, waistband as good practice for the real fabric. Clearly I need some practice at putting in a zip.... For now I am satisified that this is good for me. Maybe in the future I might make another attempt, watch the videos again, start from a fresh pattern piece and see how it comes out. But now I am keen to make these up in a suitable fabric. There doesn't seem to be anything in my stash that will work, and my local fabric shop has limited affordable options, so I'm ordering something from overseas. I've ordered a faux suede, a cotton twill, and a linen twill. I hope these will work out. And now I wait......

What you will need

  • Cheapy cotton broadcloth

Q&A with So Sew Easy

Davesmom asked:
These pants seem to fit pretty good. Sounds like you have really put effort into getting these pants to fit. I have not gotten my pattern yet. How did you get the side so it didn't point to your toes? These pants are impressive.
So Sew Easy answered:
Er, if I remember correctly this was the sway back adjustment that Sandra recommends in the section called Swayback and Seat adjustments. I think this was just to remove a little of the height from the back waist. It effectively pulled the back upwards, thereby pulling the fabric from my toes towards my ankles instead.
bellbird123 asked:
Well done Deby, these look great! Thanks for sharing your progress ... interesting to see how the changes you made affect the pants. Can't wait to see your real pair!
So Sew Easy answered:
Thank you so much. I was amazed at how a small 1/4 or 1/2 inch adjustment could make such a big difference. I'm so excited to get some real fabric to work with.

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