Our Lady of Gaudalupe banner

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Getting it done. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Have a lot of patience and pray.

What you will need

  • The image is done all in bright silks with a cotton background. Face is hand embroidered and the rays are painted with rhinestones added.

Q&A with sewingroom

katiemouse asked:
I think you have earned your place in heaven, you are amazing
sewingroom answered:
If I have it's probably because of all the habits I've made for the Little Sisters of the Poor.
katiemouse asked:
oh good lord, I wanted to be in the sisters of saint josephs, my mother was that upset, she got the priest to come and speakk to me, but he was going to try and get her to give it a try, well, on his way over he had a motor bike accident and was killed, my mother said "see God does not want you" she was not a very nice mother. sadly
sewingroom answered:
What a sad story. When I mentioned the idea of become a nun my mother became hysterical and made my father make me promise never to mention it again.
CarolynWainscot asked:
beautiful! I also make praise banners, isn't it rewarding?
sewingroom answered:
Yes indeed it is.
Patrice G asked:
This is Beautiful! and amazing. How sad these stories are. My son is becoming a priest and nothing could make me more proud. God Bless you both
sewingroom answered:
Wonderful. I pray for vocations all the time.
kalo asked:
Is this a pattern? Is so, where would I be able to get it? My mother died of melanoma on May 5th. Our last trip as a family was to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico where we prayed together at the Lady of Guadalupe church. I would love to make this project in her rememberance.
sewingroom answered:
No, there is no pattern. I'm very sorry for your loss. I blew up an image as a basic guideline and went from there.