Organdy Aprons

Project Description

What was your inspiration? I saw the organdy online and at once remembered my mother wearing aprons like this when we had special guests. She was so impressed with her new zig-zag sewing machine and it's decorative stitches!

Q&A with K Lee 2Strings

Davesmom asked:
The aprons are great. Very dressy!
K Lee 2Strings answered:
sewbug57 asked:
These aprons make me think of apple pie
K Lee 2Strings answered:
Thank you. They remind me of summer and strawberry shortcake.
sewbug57 asked:
You are absolutely my FAVORITE Craftsy crafter. I LOVE all of your things and you have such imagination !!! I have imagination too but I'm not able to put it into fabrics and things like you do. A real talent !
K Lee 2Strings answered:
Thank you so much.
Beautiful. Just a question... Do you actually wear them? I would have them as display in my kitchen, to pretty to stain them, hehehe
K Lee 2Strings answered:
I don't wear the organdy ones, but I do wear out the cotton aprons. I've used so many of these as gifts. They're especially nice for bridal showers and such.
colordiva asked:
I think my mom had a pink organdy apron, too. Very pretty.
K Lee 2Strings answered:
Thank you.