No felt needle felted jacket

Project Description

What are you most proud of? This technique is something I stumbled on when I saw a felting machine. I don't like the primitive or country look which is more what felting with wool and the like ends up looking like. I was told that you can felt anything natural and because silk is my favorite fabric, I tried felting it and it worked! So I expanded to felting designs onto the silk, this jacket is a cross hatch pattern, I started in the middle of the fabric and drew a diagonal line and felted as you would quilting in parallel lines. I've also done circles (really cool because you can put embroidery in the middle of the circle) triangles and squares. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Remember that the fabric contracts because when felting it distorts and sort of gathers the fabric. It does damage, in a way, the fibers as well but silk is pretty resilient.

What you will need

  • Silk dupioni

Q&A with Jsm1144

Eva testar asked:
Interesting technique and a fantastic work. Did you use a machine to do this? Is there two layers with silk on the top and wool under when you start to felt it in the machine?
Jsm1144 answered:
I am SO sorry-I just saw this hidden question! I needle felted a single layer of silk and in this particular project that was it, no lining no backing, just the felted silk fabric. I will put fusi-knit as a backing if I do embroidery after it's felted but I just treat it like any other fabric.
Sew_Enthusiast asked:
Wow ! Amazing ! What kind of felting machine did you use ?
Jsm1144 answered:
I have a Janome felting machine FM 725 , except when I bought it, it was called the Xpression, it is SO addictive- needle felting!
Sew_Enthusiast asked:
Did you cut your fabric after having felt it ?
Jsm1144 answered:
Yes, because the felting "shrinks" the fabric. What I do is lay the pattern piece on the fabric and trace around it about 2" out, that will give me extra and then when I start felting, I know I have to go at least that far. Before I cut it, I recheck the pattern to make sure I've felted far enough.