Newcastle Cardigan size medium

Project Description

What are you most proud of? wow fits like a glove, another project from 500 kms. away!! What advice would you give someone starting this project? used Sewing with Knits as a helpful guide to sewing this; pattern from ThreadTheory. Added 2" to length for this 6'3" man. Sleeves no change, but minimal seam allowance to maximize length

What you will need

  • used wrong side of this knit fabric (brown) as the main fabric. used right side for yoke contrast

Q&A with rowoman

hummingbirdchen asked:
This looks very professional and fashionable. Not easy to get men's clothing right, but you've nailed it :)
rowoman answered:
thank you :)
pelletier549 asked:
This looks so good and I can't believe that you didn't have him around for fittings. Thanks for info on the pattern, techniques, and encouragement to do a similar project for my tall slim son.
rowoman answered:
fact that it is a knit with some stretch helps of course. But, I just made him a smoking jacket (joke gift) from a ladies 1970s pattern and it too fits very well. Will post photo shortly. I think if you can take basic "bodice sloper" measurements it really makes the process less scary. If you haven't taken the course on Craftsy, there are also some made-to-measure custom shirt sites on the net that show essential measurements for a good fit. This particular card was a fast sew! Enjoy
Joanna Y asked:
Very nice!
rowoman answered:
thank you.
Steleesi asked:
This is amazing! Thank you for sharing! I'd love to make something like this for my boyfriend.
rowoman answered:
Hardest part was the buttonholes because my Bernina is computerized and didn't like the narrow placket (uneven surface=computer hissyfit!) But I persevered and it all came out fine in the end. Good luck and have fun with it.