Never Give Up!

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I didn't throw the serger back in the box What advice would you give someone starting this project? Just thought I'd share my first 15 minutes with my brand new serger... (Moves aside pile of Kleenex to take photo). So yes, my machine, the Singer Stylist from Costco, came threaded (for a 4-thread overlock stitch) and even had a small piece of serged cotton (likely from Quality Control) still wedged under the foot when I opened the box. Never mind the instruction manual, I've watched Amy's entire class, I am a pro - so I cut off the thread trail, re-insert the material on the unseamed side and slammed down on the pedal. Husband leans in and says "oh neat it's making little decorative holes" and lo and behold the left needle thread had broken. First example on the left in the photo. I can fix this. I rethread the needle (13 minutes. Singer doesn't include the needle threader contraption BUT luckily I had picked up a little needle threader and long tweezers thanks to you Amy!). Second example in photo. Not one to give up so easily I figure, ahhhh left needle tension. And dial that sucker into the high 6's almost 7. Third example in photo. Here comes the pile of Kleenex. I'm thinking I bought a lemon. Then I hear Amy's voice in my head "the needle should be in the highest position when threading the tension disks" and there it was, my thread hovering over the disk instead of inside the disk. Left needle problem fixed, I set the tension back to the recommended "3" and quite frankly I can hardly tell which seam was done in the factory and which is mine! Last example on far right in photo. Never Give Up. Now onto making (more) stitch samples.

What you will need

  • Cotton that came with the new serger

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