my vintage remake

Project Description

What are you most proud of? the waist fit! it really was a huge maxi sheath before. What advice would you give someone starting this project? if you're refashioning, try, try, try on again and again. unlike purchased fabric, refashioned items usually start with an already loved piece, and if you've cut too far that's it!

What you will need

  • my everlovin husband saved this dress from the clutches of donation... it was a maxi dress bought in hawaii by his mom
  • and he knew i'd love the print. i slashed it in half at the waist
  • cut the skirt waaaay shorter and used the excess to make a wide waistband. i think a crinoline would really set it off but haven't found the right shade of peonie yet:)

Q&A with marcy harriell

Uglybeat asked:
Fantastic! Looks great on you.
marcy harriell answered:
thankya! it makes me happy :)
Stefanie Japel asked:
Oh I love this! Great work!!
marcy harriell answered:
thanks girl!
ellendevro asked:
Love your fabric choose, were did you find it?
marcy harriell answered:
it was a refashion from a vintage maxi sheath dress, the tag was a hawaiian label :)
RStaffieri asked:
I really love your fabric. You did a great job reworking the dress!
marcy harriell answered:
thank you! i was giddy from bday celebrations, it gave me the courage to hack into this vintage piece:)
melissalexandar asked:
love everything about this dress! the fit is perrrfect! Nice work!!
marcy harriell answered:
thanks girl! i worked and worked at the fit!

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