My second pattern for jeans

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I had taken copious notes (after having watched the course three or four times) and attempted to pull a pattern off of a pair of jeans without following step by step to the video. I think I did pretty well. What advice would you give someone starting this project? If you have a favorite pair of jeans you want to copy, do it while they are fresh and new and still have their original fit. I have been wearing the originals for these jeans for four years, and they had gotten a little stretched out and had holes in both knees. I tried to account for this when I traced the pattern to the organza and paper, but the final jeans (even after altering the muslin) turned out looking baggy and stretched out when worn.

What you will need

  • Stretch Denim
  • gold topstitch thread.

Q&A with artistikim

Scheri Manson asked:
I think they are great!
artistikim answered:
Mrs.Bee asked:
Good advice! Where did u get your organza?
artistikim answered:
I bought it locally in Denver at Denver Fabrics.
KimberleeG asked:
Great job - looks like you bought them
artistikim answered:
Thank you!
Ms. BB asked:
Such a great pocket design, really cute! Nice job and thank you for the advice about copying older vs. newer jeans.
artistikim answered:
I had tried to copy the model jean's pocket design as closely as I could. It is a combination of a straight stitch overlaid by a zig-zag which I gradually increased in width over the course of the stitching. I have not perfected the technique, but have noticed that it is a common one among back-pocket designs on jeans.
TinaMc asked:
Agree with all the comments...your pockets are amazing. Did you copy the detail onto tissue paper and sew directly on them or mark with chalk? Thx
artistikim answered:
I can't recall. I think I must have traced them. I do know I marked the design with chalk and sewed over it. I had to do a couple of test runs on scraps to determine how to set the zig-zag stitch to gradually increase and decrease the width of the line. I didn't quite get it in the end, but it still looks fine.

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