My Pam Howard Wonder Shirt :)

What you will need

  • Italian cotton shirting from Mood Fabric
  • NYC

Q&A with Bobby-o

Pam Howard asked:
Hi!, I really love this print as well :-) Great job on your cutting, stitching, pattern matching... well, everything! I'm so glad you posted your picture, and you look great in your new shirt :-)) Thanks so much!
Bobby-o answered:
You are really a very good instructor and I wanted to thank you. I too like to zen out with hand stitching and I love the detail work like the felled seams. The more time consuming and detail oriented the happier I am. Do you offer any other classes?
MichellePattern asked:
Looks very nice!
Bobby-o answered:
Thank you so much
pansipotter asked:
That is a great shirt
Bobby-o answered:
Thank you - I appreciate the compliment very much.