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My New Chair!

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LeslieCB made My New Chair! with:

Custom-Fit Slipcovers: Chairs

Online Class

Custom-Fit Slipcovers: Chairs

with Cherie Killilea

Q&A with LeslieCB

MKLittle asked:
very nice! I have yet to watch the class...been crazy busy, but I desperately need to re cover my toddler's hand me down chair ( similar to this but child size ). I'm a bit intimidated by this process, but I'm excited to learn how to do this. Your slipcover by the way looks so professional! Was this you first time?
LeslieCB answered:
Yes this was the first time I made a slipcover! The chair is a bit different than the one in the class. It actually had a slipcover on it so I took it off and kind of worked with the pieces of that along with the instructions from the class. Now I'm going to try again with another chair. I'm going to trace a pattern first!
bakedbeans asked:
What would say your sewing skill level is? I'm asking because I am afraid this class might be too much for me :))
LeslieCB answered:
Definitely not expert! Maybe intermediate. I don't sew that much really. I will say though that I had a slipcover on this chair and I took it off and cut it apart so I had pattern pieces. I would not feel so comfortable just free cutting!! Also after I did this one I did two more where I bought pattern paper and traced the chair to make pattern pieces (those chairs didn't have slipcovers). I followed along with the class and they came out great too. It's a very good class! I was surprised at myself!!