My First Dress for ME!!!

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I finished this dress in exactly one week. Granted I did nothing else for that week. Not even the dishes. I told my husband I was going to couture land. What advice would you give someone starting this project? I can not recommend this class enough. Susan is a fabulous instructor. Even though this course was more about the construction than it was about fitting she gave enough information for me to accomplish my goal of having a dress that fits my ...um....er..."mature" body (meaning I am stocky with no waist). She also gave me enough information to feel confident morphing my sleeves to be 3/4 length with an elbow dart. I now am infatuated with silk organza. I never even knew what that was before this class. A HUGE thanks to Susan for sharing her vast knowledge (she gave so much more information than was required) and also thanks to the Craftsy team for all that you do.

What you will need

  • The fashion fabric is a poly/rayon/lycra blend in a subtle black and white herringbone pattern. I purchased it on sale at 50% off at Hancock Fabrics. I had to order the silk organza online because I could not find it locally. The lining was purchased at JoAnns (also at 50% off.

Q&A with crazihippichic

Ipanema asked:
Good for you. Now that you see what a joy it is to create special dress for a special you and for a special occasion, you will not be able to resist repeating this joyful experience. Lovely dress and beautifully modeled.
crazihippichic answered:
My husband asked, "So when are you making the next one?" I just signed up for the dress fitting course on Craftsy and will incorporate what I learned here. :-)
Julie Eilber asked:
Looks great. And in a week?! That's impressive.
crazihippichic answered:
I was going to finish it in time for the event.... or die trying.
KellyKwilts asked:
Couture land :D The dress is beautiful! May I ask what the award was?
crazihippichic answered:
It's pretty non-PC but since you asked, I am the current Western Regional Slow Smoke Champion. The first female ever to win a UPCA sanctioned event. As you can imagine it is a male dominated hobby.
OriginalRed asked:
You look beautiful! You did such a great job. I bet you felt great at your event wearing a dress that fit you and had such a nice lining. I better try some silk organza myself!
crazihippichic answered:
Thank you. I felt lovely in my dress. Silk organza is magical stuff.
susangwerner@yahoo.com.au asked:
Your dress looks amazing. Congratulations. 1 week ! I'm impressed.
crazihippichic answered:
Thank you. You can make the dress in a week..... you just can't do anything else. ;-)

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