My first Designer Jeans ;)

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Doing the triple stitch until the very end. I'll never do that again... I could have stitched up three jeans by the time I did one ;) But I still need to find out how to avoid this high amount of wrinkles on future projects. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Try it on a cheap fabric first. I still have some fit issues I will try to sort out later. I used Angela's pattern and did the following changes to it: - I added width to the sides on the top of the pattern... you can see why ;) - I did the hyper extended calf alteration, but maybe not enough - I sewed the outsides first because I wanted to have the pink coloured triple stitching seen on the outside of the pants :)

What you will need

  • Dark blue stretch denim

Q&A with MandanaW

MargoG asked:
I really like the pink topstitching! I think those a great pair of jeans.
MandanaW answered:
Oh, thank you so much :) It's good to hear that :)
Scheri Manson asked:
Love the pink. They look good on you. If you have questions on the wrinkles post in the class and Angela can address each. Side seams parallel to the floor, seat wrinkles and smile lines in front crotch. She can explain how to deal with each. Than you for your post.
MandanaW answered:
Thank you, Scheri :) I love the pink as well. Yes, I already asked Angela and she replied. I need a scoop (of chocolate ice-cream ;))) )
Lidpon asked:
Great pantts
MandanaW answered:
Thank you :)
shaewc asked:
You might need to do a little more of the calf adj. I know I had to redo the "scoop" like 5 times until I got it; and probably could still make it better. But I'm beginning to see why RTW has never fit me!
MandanaW answered:
Yes, I thought so too, about the calf adjustment. But I also asked Angela and she advised about the scoop. I hadnt done this adjustment, so that's to try for next time definitely :)
bersi_munoz@yahoo.com asked:
these look great!! Im still waiting to try this project. How much time did it take total to do the muslin and finish the jeans?
MandanaW answered:
thank you :) Oh, I don't remember exactly, but the stitching of the muslin went quick, because I just basted everything together. The sewing of the jeans itself took longer, because of all the details of the pants. Plus, the topstitching takes very long. But it's really worth it. Someone actually asked me last week which brand my jeans were and where I bought them :)