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my 1st ever project.shabby chic baby bib

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clbenniso2865762 made my 1st ever project.shabby chic baby bib with:

Sew Ready: Machine Basics

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Sew Ready: Machine Basics

with Amy Alan

  • Fabric
  • ribbon
  • plastic backing

Q&A with clbenniso2865762

blueeyedgrammie asked:
I love it, I would like to know how, I have a new Grandbaby on way, she will be here in April,
clbenniso2865762 answered:
Really simple. I just went with the flow. I drew a standard bib as a template and then basically stitched lots of small pieces together and as I went along I just made sure I had stitched enough together to cover the size of the bib template with extra for the hem. Pieces were stitched with patterned faces together as if you are making a cushion cover so when turned out you can't see any ugly hems. I cut out the plastic backing using the template. Remember to leave a hem. Pinned the front n backing together faces together so when stitched it will be turned inside out. When stitching remember to leave about 3 inches unstitched at the bottom of the bib to enable you to turn itinside out. Then I just stitched along the bottom to close n sewed poppers on at the top. So simple n just have a go. I have made many more bibs now and just have a go realy. X
blueeyedgrammie asked:
What kind of plastic backing? Did u use cotton material? I should get same outcome even though I'm sewing by Hand?
clbenniso2865762 answered:
to be honest its all recycled materials, i used blackout blind plastic as its lovely n soft on one side yet waterproof on the other. it washed realy well too. x