Muslin - Quilted Jacket with Mary Ray

Project Description

What are you most proud of? That I was brave enough to post these not attractive pictures. That I have not quit even though I am on muslin two. I am still excited about the jacket. I think? What advice would you give someone starting this project? Just take your time with the muslin(s) LOL

What you will need

  • 60" bleached cotton muslin & Vogue pattern 8045.

Q&A with Scheri Manson

TanjaH asked:
You have a great start. I can't wait to see the finished product.
Scheri Manson answered:
Tanja you are to kind. Thanks for your vote of confidence...... I need it.
Jill-1234 asked:
Wow...jumping right into it! Did'nt this class just come out, lol! Can't wait to see your finished jacket. I may have to get this class
Scheri Manson answered:
Jill jump on in.........o_O
Bobbi42 asked:
Have always been too lazy to make a muslin - can see from your photos how important it is to take the time. Thanks for inspiring me to "do it right" when my pattern arrives for the course. Thanks for posting, Scheri
Scheri Manson answered:
Bobbi I am now onto muslin two and will be able to work with this muslin and alter to fit.
Scheri Manson asked:
Okay onto a second muslin. Now I have enough circumference to work with to get a perfect fit.
Scheri Manson answered:
Done and I dont like the cut on my figure. Need to try another pattern.
Bonheur asked:
Chapeau for the "muslin" ;-)
Scheri Manson answered:
Thank you

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