Mugen Samurai Champloo Costume

Project Description

What are you most proud of? NO PATTERN! the short came from a pattern that I modified the heck out of. It rides higher in back than front. I added inset pockets. Not patch pockets. It has elastic and a draw string with button holes. I usually hem the bottom. He wanted the waist line dropped 2 inches so the crotch would rise. I forgot that shortens the length too! I added 1 in to bottom with fabric I had from making the shorts. I cut 3 in wide strip. Folded in half length wise then attached 1/2 in seam allow. Finish stitch, top stitch, decorative stitch. What advice would you give someone starting this project? We thought a lot about making it very cartoonish or very real or human. We went for a in between. I might have exaggerated sleeves and pant legs more. I suggested much more black stitching or couching rat tail to make it look outlined like cartoon. I also think decoration but tatters without a lot of clean tailoring seemed more Samurai.

What you will need

  • Red bed sheet
  • muslin
  • cotton twill
  • stabilizer
  • and thread. Rat tail and couching foot. My imagination.

Q&A with Michael Chylinski

pmgrayNav2483179 asked:
Want to be able to take in a coat. Will what I learn in this class enable me to do so.
Michael Chylinski answered:
IDK. She only covers sleeves. There is a correct length for the coat too; that's not covered and making more room for my big booty.
SBHelm asked:
Great job! Duplicating an anime character without a pattern is no easy feat. You did an amazing job.
Michael Chylinski answered:
Thank you. I saw so many different versions and I wanted to to look like a cartoon. I was going to make the sword but we found a copy for $20 online.
Sorceress_Mage asked:
Michael Chylinski answered:
This is hard to read, but you're asking about altering the arm hole on a tank top, right? No she did not, she altered a T shirt but changing the arm hole specifically, on a shirt with a sleeve, is a big job. She's great at answering questions. A tank top arm hole should be easy, you only have the front and back pieces. You just move the line up to where you want it and do your best to keep the same arm hole curve. I cannot post a photo here or I'd show you. Once it's cut, if it's too big, your done tho.