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Moulage Front

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MercheMar made Moulage Front with:

Patternmaking Basics: The Bodice Sloper

Online Class

Patternmaking Basics: The Bodice Sloper

with Suzy Furrer

Q&A with MercheMar

LeahBoyan asked:
Your moulage looks great! I do notice a slight drag line on the left shoulder ending at the cross front. I mention this because I have what looks like a similar issue. Were you able to figure out an adjustment? It's really minor, but the right shoulder looks absolutely perfect, and there does seem to be a slight drop to the left shoulder height compared to the right shoulder height. I have a similar drop so I'm thinking there must be an anatomical connection between the drag lines and the shoulder point.
MercheMar answered:
Hi! Yes, I know what you are talking about. I didnt find an adjustment for that. Im still trying to adjust the back. If you get any ideas, please let me know!!
Kdatlanta asked:
Wow! You are making great progress!! I have a couple comments with what I notice. On your side view, I would assume that the side seam should go straight down. Yours curves toward the front at bust level, which would seem to suggest needing more fabric on the front and less on the back at that level. On your back view, I wonder if your back length measurement was a bit long? Your waist seam looks level, but you have some extra fabric above it, as if you would need a sway back adjustment. Otherwise, this is looking fabulous!
MercheMar answered:
Thank you!! I shortened the back by an inch and it is looking better. I actually took my measures again and started from scratch. But in the second moulage there are some other problems !!!
RonnieBraden asked:
I had the same problem with the crease on the front bodice. I decreased the cross front by 1/4 inch and lowered the side by 1/4. I also had to scoop out the front armhole from the cross front to side seam without lowering the side seam. Does that make sense?
MercheMar answered:
That makes a lot of sense!! I think that I should shorten the side and back. Thank you for your input