Modern Gray n White Pillow

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I made polymer clay buttons to match this modern gray and white printed fabric. I made sets of gray buttons, then sets of white buttons. TIP: Working clay with your hands not only conditions the clay but warms the clay--making it soft and very flexible. So, I allowed the polymer clay button sets to cool on a cold porcelain tile for 15 minutes, this makes the clay firm again. Then I stacked one white button on top of one gray button, and sliced the stack in half. I put buttons back together--making (2) bi color gray 'n white buttons. Put the bi color button back into the mold one more time and press firmly with fingers--this will help fuse the two colors together without creating any distortion. Place bi color buttons on baking tray, and with a wooden appetizer skewer--strike wholes in each button. Bake per package directions. I use Sculpey Premo at 275 degrees F, for 30 minutes. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Yes, Yes, there's one more important point to make about finishing the button holes. Lesson Learned: I used to poke wooden skewer through top and back of pre-baked clay button. BUT, handling them too much can cause button shape to warp. Now, I just strike the button holes with a wooden skewer on the front side of the button only. After the button is baked and cools I use my battery operated drill with a small bit to finish drilling the holes. The finish result is much cleaner and uniform button holes.

What you will need

  • Bold
  • modern Gray and White Printed Cotton
  • decorated with 3 of my handmade polymer clay buttons. This is Project 126.

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