Project Description

What are you most proud of? I created my A.C. mini-wardrobe in 4 weeks for the sewing pattern review contest. I am proud of the way pieces work together. I love the jacket! What advice would you give someone starting this project? Don't try to do it in a month! :P I used 2 commercial patterns which I modified to work AC style. They took more work than I expected.

What you will need

  • Jersey Cotton
  • button and craft thread
  • Anna's Garden Stencil
  • Airbrush
  • Airbrush paint
  • fold over elastic.

Q&A with BiAnCa S

CoudreMode asked:
This is SO GREAT!! Honestly it looks like something AC would sell. I just voted for you. I hope the folks on PR appreciate this there has always been a strong anti-hand sewing bias over there lol.
BiAnCa S answered:
Thanks and thanks for the vote! I know what you mean. They didn't have AC in their review catalog until I requested it.
SBL11 asked:
Ethereal and dreamy. Absolutely beautiful work, Bianca. Also, I checked out your blog, LOVE the crochet tablecloth dress :)
BiAnCa S answered:
Thanks! Thanks for checking out the blog. I will be wearing that tablecloth dress to a tea party tomorrow :-p
callievel asked:
spectacular. it's so nice to see that beautiful pale green jacket on you. i can't believe how fast you sew! how can we vote for you in the contest?
BiAnCa S answered:
Thanks! I was blessed with napping kids and the start of football season! Pattern Review members can vote here: Membership is free to join.
Venus de Hilo asked:
Fabulous, and so inspiring! Impressed that you got so much done so quickly.
BiAnCa S answered:
Thanks. It felt contrary to the AC way, but I wanted to enter something a bit different.
Nixxi asked:
Just wonderful! You've got my vote too - good luck!
BiAnCa S answered:
Thanks Nixxi! Your corset was the inspiration for mine! I wasn't thinking that way until I saw yours!