Microwave Bags for gifts

Project Description

What are you most proud of? how I did it. I liked making the fancy stitches around the labels and I liked drawing the picture for the labels. I drew a tortilla, a potato and corn on the cob. Then we scanned the drawing into the computer and put it on the labels. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Be careful of what side you start sewing on. ONLY use cotton. Don't cook only one thing, it might burn. I liked potatoes fabric and sugar skulls for tortillas. Don't forget to iron the bags to set the paints when you are done, and wash the bags before using them.

What you will need

  • all cotton fabric and thread
  • Warm Tater batting
  • labels printed on computer-fabric sheets and ironed to set (or use fabric paint pens on fabric)

Q&A with Audrey Mae

Pam Sews asked:
Good work!! Can I have one?
Audrey Mae answered:
no, granny! don't you all ready have one?!! ;-0
Beverly5876 asked:
I'm confused. I clicked to find out how to make this project and there's no instructions. Did I miss them somewhere?
Audrey Mae answered:
Thank you, Papilia!! Yes, instructions come with batting or you can google "microwave cooking bags" and find even more patterns. Nancy's Notions also sells patterns to make round ones for tortillas and bigger boxes for lots of breads, but you can use the same bag for those things too.