Merino wool jersey surplice dress

Project Description

What are you most proud of? That it turned out well and is comfortable and wearable What advice would you give someone starting this project? Just follow Meg's instructions and it'll turn out well. I was frustrated with the jersey curling up but I found that pressing it before working with it helped (sometimes it needed a shot of steam to encourage it to lie flat but that may be because it is wool). This fabric was very off grain when I bought it. It was a trapezoid rather than a rectangle when it was cut off the bolt and I had to do a lot of preparation to get it straightened out. It would have been much easier just to get a fabric without that problem but I really liked it so I went with it but even after washing it, pulling it into shape and blocking it when it was damp, then steaming it with my iron it still reverted back to it's crooked shape so I had to pin it to my cutting board to get it square before pinning the pattern pieces to it. The stripes really helped with lining it up and I used plastic square to check that it was aligned. It's worth doing this so that it doesn't twist after a few washes but if you're a beginner it's easier to start with a fabric without this problem as it is a bit squiffy when you're cutting and constructing it.

What you will need

  • Merino wool jersey with fine stripes
  • eggplant/white

Q&A with LittlePink kiwi

Scheri Manson asked:
Hey now that's being creative. Your dress looks so cute and comfortable.
LittlePink kiwi answered:
Thanks Scheri, I love your work and I enjoy seeing your results applying the knit sewing techniques to patterns from the big pattern companies
JTrautman asked:
You look great in your version of Meg's dress! I was going to pass on this pattern due to the loose fit through the torso, Your straighter profile is just the ticket! Thanks so much for posting.
LittlePink kiwi answered:
I'm so pleased I could help. The great thing about sewing is that you can adapt patterns to make them the way you want depending on what you know suits you or if you don't have quite enough fabric to do the full version.
Sabrina B. asked:
I love sewing with wool! What fabric did you use?
LittlePink kiwi answered:
It's a medium weight wool jersey and it was quite nice to sew except that the edges curled like crazy!

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