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Maxi Dress using OOP Vogue 1032

You Can Make This

BiAnCa S made Maxi Dress using OOP Vogue 1032 with:

  • The details of this project are blogged here:

Q&A with BiAnCa S

faux nom asked:
I continue to admire your talent for finding the perfect pattern to make AC style!
BiAnCa S answered:
thanks so much!
callievel asked:
i can't figure out how to comment on your blog, so- have you tried a double pointed beading needle? it is pointed at both ends, with a huge opening in the middle for the thread, and accomodates seed beads. it will still be a challenge to get through the 4 layers, but should make the beading part easier. can't wait to see the shrug with the dress!
BiAnCa S answered:
Thank you for the beading tip! I will try them. I also fixed the commenting issue on the blog (i think)! thanks again!
cozynestdesign asked:
BiAnCa S answered:
Thank you :)
amyrt asked:
I love the way you got the area around the shoulders and chest to fit so nicely~
BiAnCa S answered:
Thanks Amy! It's my Custom Dress Form that makes that possible. Because she is duplicate of my body, I get the right fit every time. It is so important when using stretchy jersey and retro patterns where the sizes can be different.
KatherineBG asked:
Wow, that's a stunning dress. I love the-hand stitching down the seams. It adds interest and it tells the viewer to do the math: "Whoa, you did all that beading by hand, too!"
BiAnCa S answered:
Thanks so much. You make me want to count the stitches now :) Yes, I did the beading by hand.