Live Class Student Susan

Project Description

What was your inspiration? Susan was yet another student from my live MPSOAF class. I just love seeing all the amazing results. Susan wanted a traditional pattern for shirts and blouses. See on her adjusted pattern where she increased the upper torso length on the front and back. Note: she needed more on the back. So it is OK to have the front different then the back. See how she also widened creating more length in the full bust area adding where she needed it not where a pattern told her to lengthen. It is not super clear, but she extended her side seams to increase width and make the fitting shell match her body. This is a closer fit garment but not sin tight. When I pin fitted on her I did recommend making it shorter which is an easy fix at the bottom. We pinned in the dart and all that was left was a few small horizontal tucks to tweak the back, but look how almost perfect this pattern is on her body! Pretty good for only a few hours work rather then countless fit samples like usual methods, no cutting apart and taping in extra fabric. Hurray!

Q&A with Joi Mahon

TeresaWard asked:
Brilliant! I am getting more excited about finishing the course and starting my own pattern. How inspiring to see the progression, and isn't Susan happy?
Joi Mahon answered:
They were all happy. I just love it when a light bulb goes off.

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