Little Green Bling Purse

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I used 1" black cotton braid for the carrying straps--decorated with seam binding I made from the lime green duck cloth. Silver Wristlet Connectors with O-rings attach straps to the bag. TIP: Sometimes when you install magnetic snap closures on little purses like these--you can actually "feel" the magnetic snap through the fabric layers. Bummer--. To eliminate the "feel" of the magnetic snap--consider adding a faux button like this one on the liitle green bling purse. Just a big lime green button sewn to a square of black linen, then sewn in place to decorate the purse. The padded stacked button cushions just enough to eliminate the clunky feel of the magnetic snap closure. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Get some of those great wristlet connector w/ o-ring sets. You can find lots of Etsy shops who carry them. Go to Etsy, type in 1" Keyfob Hardware. 50 sets--under $15. Easy to install. Put strap end into open jaw of the connector, hammer to close jaw. Happy summer sewing!

What you will need

  • Lime Green and Black Cotton Duck Fabrics
  • Green Rhinestone Decorative Trim
  • 1" Black Cotton Braid for Carrying Straps
  • Wristlet Connectors w/ O-Rings
  • Magnetic Snap Closure.

Q&A with Shoestring

Shoestring asked:
Hi 2 strings. One thing leads to another, you know. St. Patricks holiday, Irish Wearing the Green, Irish Spring Soap, Size: Small Package = Smaller Purse. And a wee bit o' green bling. The brain works in mysterious ways, aye?
Shoestring answered:
Hello 2 strings. I am sending you a test. I'm testing the reply to comment feature using another browser (Google Chrome). I wrote to craftsy help and they suggested I use chrome. I don't care for chrome, but if I'm going to make the "reply to comment" work I guess I don't have a choice.
dragonfli5960019 asked:
can i get your little green bag pattern somehow or somewhere. i have some great canvas fabric id love to make it with. thanks.
Shoestring answered:
Hello there dragonfli. Thanks for leaving me 2 comments. I would like to correspond with you and exchange information how I make those two purses you are interested in. I don't have patterns, but I can walk you through each of the easy steps with photos via email. It is easy peasy, I guarantee. I have a gmail account. It will be fun. Drop me a line at mrs.durrant1@. See ya later gal!