Project Description

What are you most proud of? I am proud of the fact that I was able to work out how to alter the depth of the rise and change the shape of the legs without causing the seat to sag or the legs to have unnecessary folds. My legs are not straight up and down and I have misshapen knees from arthritis, so it is hard to show that on a photograph but they are very comfortable and sit smartly. What advice would you give someone starting this project? I would say that it is a great deal easier to take the scissors to something which is free or doesn't cost much. So start on that type of garment first. I couldn't lose with these .. goodness.. $15.00 for a pair of jeans was amazing and if I had made a big mistake, I still could have used the material and still saved money, so there wasn't any risk. Have a go.

What you will need

  • Purchased jeans

Q&A with Sarg

Pohutukawa asked:
Good on you, the fit around the rise, and smooth shape in the legs without pulls or wrinkles just makes you look slim! It makes a difference when clothes fit your unique shape! Awesome jeans well done for $15 and perseverance!
Sarg answered:
Haven't been accused of looking 'slim' for awhile. Thank you very much.. the price is terrific. I love these classes, they just give you so much confidence to try things.
TanjaH asked:
They fit great, good job!
Sarg answered:
Thank you Tanya.
OriginalRed asked:
Great fit on you! I love the concept of finding a great deal and then making it work. Happy camping!
Sarg answered:
Really changes the way you look at ready mades. We will thank you.
JaneMoore asked:
Great job! I'm so impressed!
Sarg answered:
Thank you. They are very comfortable.
bsnowcpa asked:
Wow! Great job! Did you have to change the side seams and if so what did you do about the stitching and "jean seams"? Was there a rivet at the pocket? I put 2 darts in the back of a pair of jeans and I thought that was ambitious :-)
Sarg answered:
I did change the side seams. I unpicked the top stitching back to the panel insert on the back and cut the whole side down by 1/2 inch, straightened the bottom and also took out 1 1/2 inches from the inside leg and straightened the seam. I didn't replace the rivet I just replaced the top stitching and reinforced that area with a small satin stitch. I used a double thread to topstitch but the inside seams are done using my overlocker/serger.