Jeans bag

Project Description

What advice would you give someone starting this project? . I honestly just made it up as I went along. I had made a skirt from a pair of jeans the week before after looking at a few google results. But here goes a bit of an explanation of the steps..... 1. Cut off the legs at a length that looks like it will work, taking into account that you need to allow for the bottom of the bag too..... 2. Unpick the inside leg seam up to the zip or there a outs, and a corresponding height at the back..... 3. Flatten those pointy bits out by overlapping one over the other. (If you google denim skirt from jeans, you will see how this works) and sew flat. 4. I then turned it inside out, sewed almond the bottom, and squared the base of the bag off by sewing perpendicular to that seam at each corner. So the 3 seams look like a H with a big long middle stroke. (This is how you decide on the width and depth of the bag) 4. Then I just kind of made up some lining with the same circumference as the jeans waist and did the same thing with the base of that. ( no-one can tell, but my lining is actually deeper than my bag...... Oops). Before I sewed it in, I made a pocket by cutting a piece from one of the legs and sewed that on, making sure to make it really strong at the top. 5. I made the strap next, and again this was a bit experimental. I used pieces from the legs, and joined enough to make the strap as long as I wanted it, then cut a lining piece the same length and sewed them together. I sewed that into the bag really securely. 6. Then I put the lining inside the jeans, and sewed them together. There were some parts where the machine would not sew, so they are done by hand. If you looked at it in real life really closely, you would be able to tell that if you were ever going to sell it you would have to do a better job, but it works for me. I hope this helps...... It really is one of those things that you kind of have to do a bit like that, because jeans are all different sizes etc. I bought an Australian size 8 (quite small) but you could use whatever size gives you the size bag you want. Like

What you will need

  • Old jeans from the second hand shop and some pinwheel cord

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