Jeanius awesome cords

Project Description

What are you most proud of? So many things, the fit, the finish, but mostly the fit. There are a few features I need to perfect, particularly the back pockets and the waistband finish and but for this pair of pants, I can stand at an angle and it isn't very noticeable. What advice would you give someone starting this project? This course is simply fantastic and Kenneth has good advice for every step. It is worth watching a few steps ahead of yourself. I was glad to have to wait for my silk organza to be delivered (thank you ebay) and to take some time watching the videos. Otherwise, go for it, I am so pleased with everything about this course and these pants, thank you Craftsy and thank you thank you Kenneth D King!

What you will need

  • corduroy
  • light cotton for pocket lining

Q&A with Faire

Sherry sews asked:
Very nice fit.
Faire answered:
thanks, very comfy too!
Trish Wheeler asked:
These are great! Love the fit and the color!! :-)
Faire answered:
thank you! I actually glow in the right light!
candisrrt asked:
Super awesome!!!!! I was thinking I would work on this pattern cause I have a pair of favorite jeans that are falling apart. You did a great job!!!!
Faire answered:
thanks! so worth the time spent!
adriprints asked:
Great job, great fit, great color! I think for the back pockets, they could stand to be a bit closer to the back center line, and slightly angled. I've been meaning to make some cords of my own. How did you like working with corduroy?
Faire answered:
I liked it, really easy to keep everything straight! except for the pockets... you are right though, I think next time I'll place them after the pants are finished, trickier to sew, but may get a better result.
hansity asked:
Wow! Those look great. I hadn't thought of looking for silk organza on ebay.
Faire answered:
thank you! It's cheap organza, but this doesn't need anything more.

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