Jean-ius Reverse Engineered Jeans

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I love that these jeans are made just for one person, and that the fit was adjusted specifically for her. Also I'm pretty happy with the topstitching! What advice would you give someone starting this project? Do it!!!! Making jeans is one of the most satisfying projects once you get the hang of it--and reverse engineering from a pair that already fits well takes a lot of the fiddly work out of constructing and fitting from a commercial pattern. Kenneth D. King knows his stuff and is generous with tips to make sewing in general better and, in many cases, easier. Also--if you're a perfectionist, don't worry about getting bogged down in the details when transferring the initial tracing to the first paper draft. The muslin is there to help find out what doesn't work. It doesn't have to be perfect with the first shot, or even the second. Even if you're not happy with your first attempt, you can always make a second muslin or even a third. But chances are very good that you won't have to do more than one if you pay careful attention to the grain lines. Realizing that it didn't have to be perfect really helped me get past my hesitations and reservations (and procrastination). Also: especially if this is your first attempt at making jeans based on an original pair, make sure you choose your fabric with the original fabric's characteristics in mind. It would be awfully difficult to copy a pair of jeans made with heavy, stiff denim and produce satisfying results if you sew using lighter weight, stretch denim. Incidentally, I think it's easier to use fabric with a little stretch in it--the flexibility reduces the need to be quite as precise with the fitting process, and frees the wearer to move with fewer restrictions: plus, the fabric usually recovers beautifully after washing. If you've never sewn using stretch fabric but your favorite pair of jeans have some stretch to them, don't let inexperience stop you from giving stretch fabrics a try! Gotta learn some time and some how. Take the original pair with you when fabric shopping to select denim with a similar degree of stretch and you should be good to go! Can't wait to see more photos of everyone's Jean-ius-es! :-)

What you will need

  • Black stretch denim with gold and grey topstitching thread to accent; jeans button and jeans zipper; navy blue serger thread for seam finishing

Q&A with Vyperonical

Lexley0602 asked:
They fit perfectly! You should be very proud of yourself!
Vyperonical answered:
Thank you!
Lisa_Marie. asked:
Love, love, love!! They do look perfect! Mr. King offers classes locally and I've been tempted to take one, but a little intimidated. And, I must say this craftsy class is a GREAT value. My only concern is my sewing skilsl are at an intermediate level and I may be getting in over my head.
Vyperonical answered:
Thank you! If the only thing stopping you from taking a class with Mr. King is the concern that it might be more difficult than your current skill level, let me say two things that might encourage you: one, you can take this class and keep watching the parts that don't make sense at first until you understand. Second... the one thing about sewing is if you make a mistake, you can usually rip it open and try again. Ripping open is to seams what editing is to writing: all part of the process! Hope you go for it!
crochet4fun asked:
OH MY! Awesome!!!!!
Vyperonical answered:
Thank you!!! :-)
pattycakesews asked:
You are an inspiration! Fabulous!
Vyperonical answered:
Thank you! (Wow!)
Absmum asked:
They look fantastic! Well done!
Vyperonical answered:
Thank you!

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