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Jacket fitting toile

You Can Make This

Chefitelli made Jacket fitting toile with:

Sew Better, Sew Faster: Garment Industry Secrets

Class + Kit

Sew Better, Sew Faster: Garment Industry Secrets

with Janet Pray

  • I used a cheap piece of cotton I had in my stash and although this was a fitting toile I decided to create a finished garment in order to practice all the techniques. I will now make it again in a better fabric.

Q&A with Chefitelli

Davesmom asked:
Did you find this course helpful? How does the jacket fit? Is it easy to get a jacket pattern to fit yourself? I have never made a jacket.
Chefitelli answered:
Course was very helpful at reviewing some techniques I learnt many years ago. If you have never sew a jacket before then I am sure you wil find that it will guide you through all the stages very clearly. It is quite a loose fitting style and I did not need to do many of the fitting alterations I would normally do on a jacket because of that relaxed fit. I was able to fit it myself but when I make a fitted jacket I need someone to help, as I require a lot of narrowing across the back.
Pohutukawa asked:
Clever girl, It looks great- love the fabric!
Chefitelli answered:
Thanks! It seemed a shame to not finish it off, even if it was just for fitting. I want to make it in a needlecord now.
Mrs mel asked:
I found the course most helpful, Janet is very clear and concise. I began using the techniques and am using less (almost none) pins on other garments. I have not yet made the jacket because I'm not sure it be petitable. According to finised garment measurements the sleeve length is 10 inches too long. How do you take out 10 inches? Im pretty sure the shoulder will be too long as well. Guess i will try a toile to see if i can make it work somehow.
Chefitelli answered:
I have narrow shoulders and I did not have to make as much adustment as usual, especially as it is a relaxed style and so doe not neeed to fall exaclty on the edge of the shoulder.. I also have short arms and took off 2". Apparenltely the sleeve length is measured from the centre backk neck and so you wil find they are not as much too long as you think.

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