Islander Youth Shirt #220

What you will need

  • I used a heavy broad cloth. This is a tough work type shirt for my grandson to wear when helping his dad. I washed and dried it
  • but didn't iron it after. This is a work shirt
  • so I didn't fuss after coming out of the dryer. It certainly won't get ironed once he starts using it.I used red snaps instead of buttons.

Q&A with Peanut

Janet Pray asked:
Wonderful! Did you use one of my shirt patterns? It looks like the Easy Shirt. Happy Sewing!!
Peanut answered:
The title said it all "Islander Youth Shirt #220. Yes, it is one of yours. I will stay stitch the bottom of the sleeves next time before doing the side seam with top stitching. The bottom of the sleeve gets all stretched out when you are top stitching these smaller sizes. I used the largest size in that pattern. I tested the cuff with the sleeve before sewing the side seam and it was perfect. I ended up having to use a bit of gathering to take in the stretched out fabric. At the time, I didn't think to rip out the pleats and make them deeper. I was on a time frame and wanted to get it done and taken with me.