Ironing Aides

Project Description

What are you most proud of? The beautiful and quick way the wood trim presses open seams, and the no-spill way the recycled bottle fills the iron. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Do not paint or varnish the stick,: that might stick to the fabric or the iron.

What you will need

  • Wood trim (used for door screens) or 2 pieces of quarter-round molding glued together with Liquid Nails and sanded; empty Coffee Creamer bottle

Q&A with Pam Sews

Chef Laura asked:
Fantastic wooden stick sounds like a great idea to market. Why don't you make and sell them for sewers like me that won't take the time to make one. I'll be your first customer. Crafty Laura
Pam Sews answered:
haha! I did a "google" for you and after a while, I found on a wooden 16" half round stick for $13.99. It is item #SS16 and it is called "16" Seam Stick". I did post a photo (thanks, Nana Jo 54!) showing the larger half-round stick I made from two quarter-rounds because you cannot buy half-rounds anymore, but I have to say that the smaller wooden door screen molding is much, much better for ironing open those pesky 1/4" quilting seams. If you go to a hardware store, ask them and they will cut any length you want - the screen molding comes in 8 ft lengths for half the price of the stick on nancy's notions and the stores will cut it for free or for a very, very small charge. Hope this helps!
Nana Jo 54 asked:
Great ideas! We make the creamer bottles into snowmen, fill them with sidewalk salt and put them on the front step for those icy days when you need to put salt on the walk up to the front door. We sell them at our church holiday market. 30 sold out in half an hour! I'll have to keep one for my ironing aid!
Pam Sews answered:
I am so jealous! You get snow and ice!! I suppose I could sprinkle some salt around to LOOK like ice :-) We have a sewing club and those of us who use creamer always have to save the empties for those who don't :-)
Nana Jo 54 asked:
Pam, can you add a close up photo of the stick? That would be helpful if someone wants to make one.
Pam Sews answered:
does this help? Now you can have a detailed look AND a laugh!
sbloom asked:
I really appreciate my molding stick for pressing small seams. It's a great help.
Pam Sews answered:
we all thank Laurel for the pressing stick!! What a great friend.