Hungarian Rhapsody - number 2

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Careful planning and cutting resulted in the design wrapping the corners. This was what I was trying to achieve.

What you will need

  • I used a second embroidered panel. This panel was on a double wide piece of linen so I was able to use linen on front and back of the bag. Many thanks to Maria for her lovely work. Lining is quilting cotton. I used larger hardware for this bag and mounted the tabs in the design in part because of the size of the original embroidered piece but also to give a bit more casual look.

Q&A with cucperson

Joanly asked:
Love it! Beautiful job!
cucperson answered:
Thanks a bunch. Great to get a compliment from the Mistress of the Totes. ; ) Are you making your bags for fund raising? What are you using as interfacing and interlining. I like the structured look of your totes. I have used a few different options and not completely happy with any of them. Not bad, just not great.
Pursonal Issues asked:
Love the needlepoint! Did you purchase the fabric like this or is it an up-cycled project? I once bought a beautiful panel that looked hand sewn. The panel had a contrasting border: I think it was supposed to be made into a pillow. It was so expensive I had to make a mock-up tote purse in the exact measurements of the panel. I'm happy to say both the mock-up and real thing turned out to be beautiful tote bags :)
cucperson answered:
I was given a stack of embroidered panels and the two I used for totes, were both on linen. (The rest are on white cotton). These are traditionally made as pillow covers but I really thought that a bag would be a great use. One had to have a complimentary fabric added but this one had enough extra fabric that I was able to make it same front and back. I too made a mock up not because it was expensive but because it was so precious - sort of the same thing : ) These will be used in a silent auction fund raiser for a non-profit I am involved with. I would love to see your tote. Is it posted somewhere here?
Joanly asked:
When I use good quality quilting cotton, I use batting and usually quilt it to give it some body. Most of my totes/purses are made with home dec fabric.....I love the durability.....I use decor bond for those bags...I tried interlining as described in Brett's class, but didn't like the outcome. Too thick and bulky. I will sometimes interface the lining as well with a light weight fusible, again, just to give some structure and durability. I do donate some bags for fundraisers....for the local school and during October for breast cancer awareness.
cucperson answered:
Thanks for the info. I have been using cotton twill as interlining which is okay but I feel that the outer fabric is still too soft, even when I use home dec fabric. I will try the decor bond. I was pretty sure you were not carrying all those bags yourself. lol Patty