Project Description

What are you most proud of? I know it dont look so perfect on the picture but I embroidered edge of hoodie ,sleeves and bottom of it with brown thread- and it look so cute:) and fit PERFECTLY!! and Meg- I received today your book-now I have both:) I must say that...You are unbelievable!!! Those are the BEST BOOKS ABOUT SEWING THAT I HAVE AND I HAVE AT LIST 50 OF THEM:) SO MANY USEFUL PATTERNS... GIRLS YOU HAVE TO BUY THEM!!! MEG:) THANK YOU!!!

What you will need

  • very soft jersey backed with fleece

Q&A with evie1203

Scheri Manson asked:
Hey love the hoodie. So your a Meg fan to...I am now addicted to knits. Her class is fabulous introduction to a whole new world knits. Whats next for you? I have been working on another knit project a dress.
evie1203 answered:
I cant wait ....dress is calling me...:):) but bit afraid...now top....and slowly I will get to it!
Lynne O asked:
Your hoodie looks great, it's a fantastic class isn't it!
evie1203 answered:
The Best!!! and its opening sooo much options!! I love it:)

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