Project Description

What advice would you give someone starting this project? This is an easy pattern to make. I would check sizes of heads as this really doesn't fit one size fits all pattern as it seems to make you think.

What you will need

  • silk lining and herringbone wool

Q&A with Wendy Lee

viviansuz401602 asked:
Hi, Im totally new here...so how can I have this project? I really love it. XOXO
Wendy Lee answered:
This pattern I purchased online at Clotilde.com It is item # 352744 and comes with 5 different patterns including children's pattern and size.
tbakerdesi134307 asked:
can you get this pattern on line?
Wendy Lee answered:
yes, I bought it on Clotilde, Item # 352744. It has 5 different patterns including childrens .http://www.clotilde.com/detail.html?prod_id=14897&cat_id=11
Bettyelane asked:
How do I buy this pattern? I can't find a number or a way to put it in the cart.
Wendy Lee answered:
Hi Bettyelane! go to http://www.clotilde.com and in the search area put in this number: 352744 and I guarantee it will come up, I tried it before I claimed it would work! :) Happy sewing!