Hidden Pocket - Urban Red Purse

Project Description

What was your source for this sewing project? Improvisational What are you most proud of? HIDDEN CARD SIZE POCKET: The left side of the front pocket is open, revealing a card size hidden pocket for folded cash or card. The nubby coarse texture grabs and holds the card size pocket firmly, and the tab can be tucked inside to keep your hidden pocket a secret! The front pocket features an upholstered fabric button and stretchy pony tail loop to make its closure. The front pocket is just the right size for your cell phone, and the closure keeps it snug and close by until you need it. The upholstered fabric button I made from steel button blanks on an industrial button press. These buttons REALLY work well and won't fail, whereas the aluminum store bought button blanks/kits are a total pain. There are endless ideas for sewists and crafters to use an industrial button press. I've used upholstered buttons on: purses, mittens, pillows, cushions, coats, jackets, etc. Fun, fun! What advice would you give someone starting this project? Let's get busy and make some red purses this fall, ok? This new shade of red is really hot right now. It's red with a touch of orange. I realize there are other colors in this fabric: like Kaki, Olive, Burgundy, and Navy. But the focal color I see is RED. Are you seeing RED?

What you will need

  • Coarse Weave Upholstery Fabric for Exterior
  • Pockets
  • and Wristlet Loop
  • Warm Walnut Brown Microseude for the Purse Lining
  • Handmade Polymer Beads and Button for Zipper Pull
  • Handmade Upholstery Button from another purse project
  • and Card Size Hidden Satellite Pocket.

Q&A with Shoestring

MrsMaryD asked:
Shoestring answered:
I wish you lived closer MrsMaryD--so I could show you how I construct this purse. I don't use patterns, but design each purse on the fly. I'm very keen on introducing unexpected elements--especially hidden pockets. Have you seen my Navy Blue purse with the hidden pocket inside the cabuchon decoration? I'll add a link for it, ok?