Grey Shirt red dots

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Finally did long sleeves on my 4th shirt project! I unfortunately swapped the left and right cuffs together meaning the buttons show up at the front instead of the back (duh!)...all discussed here: http://www.design-closeup.com/grey-shirt-red-dots/ What advice would you give someone starting this project? Can't go much wrong with Pam's instructions (if you do, just start again!)...a personal message to Craftsy: I bought quite a few videos but think Pam has got the best teaching style of them all so Pam, hope you get the opportunity to do another one related to a different sewing project!

Q&A with Design Closeup

Pam Howard asked:
Hello! A great colorful shirt just in time for fall weather! All of your details look great and the cuffs look like they are done just fine to me. I really appreciate your kind words about my teaching style :-) Thank you, Pam
Design Closeup answered:
You're welcome Pam! :)
Pohutukawa asked:
Great shirt and colour combination!
Design Closeup answered:
Thank you!
Pat Mitchell asked:
The fit is perfect, sewing is well done. Love the red yoke and cuffs.
Design Closeup answered:
Thanks Pat :)
Seri asked:
love the red touches, nice job!
Design Closeup answered:
Thanks Seri!
sew4grands asked:
If anyone mentions the buttons, just say it is a new design technique.
Design Closeup answered:
LOL! I think it's an excellent idea to cover up mistakes and pretend you did it for the purpose of design :)

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