For my purse-obsessed sister

What you will need

  • Cotton fabric from modernyardage.com and leather purse straps

Q&A with StephanieP

cozynestdesign asked:
so cute, what type of fabric is that? It almost looks laminated.
StephanieP answered:
It is a cotton fabric from modernyardage.com. I used the super-crisp woven fusible interfacing from https://www.fashionsewingsupply.com and I think the stiffness comes from the interfacing.
ryan7813399379 asked:
Gorgeous ! Love those flower purse straps ! What was your source for those?
StephanieP answered:
The straps came from a local quilt shop. I've also found interesting purse straps on Etsy.
ryan7813399379 asked:
Thanks. I have scoured etsy etc and have yet to come across such unique, cute, one of a kind looking straps. If you ever come across them again please think of me, I would love to learn the source. Susan
StephanieP answered:
I found a source for them online! http://www.cindysbuttoncompany.com/Catalog/purse-straps.aspx