Fleece Hoodie

What you will need

  • Fleece

Q&A with deborah3604

deborah3604 asked:
I added a pocket and made the side curve a bit smaller.
deborah3604 answered:
Yeah, I just winged it. Didn't really have a pattern. I just made one.
LesleyUK asked:
I love the colour and the pocket - it looks great!
deborah3604 answered:
Thank you for the encouragement... :-)
evie1203 asked:
I love the pocket!! I want one on mine!! any advice?
deborah3604 answered:
Oh, I just looked at my old garment and copied it.
Lynne O asked:
That's lovely and the pocket looks great!
deborah3604 answered:
Thank you... You're so sweet!
Davesmom asked:
This project turned out OK!! Looks great. Was it easy to make? Is the pattern mail to you or downloaded? I have not signed up for this class but am interested in it.
deborah3604 answered:
Yes, it's introduced in the course. It's fairly easy but do need to learn a few tricks and different types of knit fabric from the instructor.