Fix this dress using couture skills

Project Description

What are you most proud of? So far, just having the courage to try it! And now, that I have something I'm not embarrassed to wear out and that's worth making a lining for at some point. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Go slow in the thinking stage and it's amazing how much can be accomplished. Also, don't be afraid to hand sew!

What you will need

  • Existing dress made of a border print cotton.

Q&A with Hopeful sewer

Ms. BB asked:
I can't imagine sewing this beautiful dress with only 1 yard of material (+ 1/8th). Amazing job. The matching is perfect on the back and the dress is lovely on you. Great job fixing everything!
Hopeful sewer answered:
Thanks! I used New Look pattern 6094. It technically calls for 1-1/2 yards, but by being creative and skimping on seam allowances and the facing (I made this before this class, so I was still using facings!), I was able to cram it all in. I recommend that pattern, by the way -- it has a lot of nice options.
MarieBD asked:
A summer dress...??? This is so beautiful that you could just add a few hand-stitched beads and it could become a show-stopping couture evening dress! Very impressive pattern matching..
Hopeful sewer answered:
Beadwork sounds kind of fun. Thanks for the idea!
HappyGenny asked:
Wow. I would NEVER have thought of using a pattern like that, and it looks STUNNING. I mean it, it's a major head turner, and I really hope you are as proud as can be of it. You certainly deserve to be!
Hopeful sewer answered:
Thanks much! I am using another upholstery scrap for a skirt that I'll post when finished. A lot of "home" fabrics are great for fashion, I think.
billedeaux asked:
I absolutely love your dress! You may have convinced me to take this class!
Hopeful sewer answered:
Please do, you will not regret it! I incorporate the techniques into almost if not everything I make now. I also really recommend the free zipper class. I got some useful hints even though I've been sewing for a while.

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