Created by: Farmhouse Garde

Fitting Muslin to Pretty Pink Corset

You Can Make This

Farmhouse Garde made Fitting Muslin to Pretty Pink Corset with:

  • A thrifted cotton tee
  • Button Craft Thread
  • Clear Chop Beads

Q&A with Farmhouse Garde

Farmhouse Garde asked:
I muslined the corset top 5 times, and this was the final muslin. I basted it by machine to test the fit, and then when I found I was finally happy with it, I decided to fell the seams and attach the ribbing using AC methods. I beaded the front corset seams as well as the herringbone stitching at the neck. I also stitched the herringbone over a cord made from tied pulls- it adds more dimension and was fun to do. I actually really love this top! Now that I am comfortable with the fit I am excited to make many, many more. My copy of Alabama Studio Sewing and Design arrived in the mail today!
Farmhouse Garde answered:
Feel Free! I'm glad you like it Nixxi!
DaisyandFlorrie asked:
Great fit - all those muslins were worth it!
Farmhouse Garde answered:
Thank you!!
amyrt asked:
Wonderful~ That neckline fits so nicely! You should be proud!
Farmhouse Garde answered:
Thank you! The pattern was originally far too short in front and too long in back for me, so I was happy to get it to a comfortable fit!
BiAnCa S asked:
How lovely! Love the corded herringbone stitch!
Farmhouse Garde answered:
Thanks! It was fun to do!
maggiesc asked:
Great job, love your added touches !
Farmhouse Garde answered:
Thank you!

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Get your first class for only $14.99