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First thing I have ever sewed.

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Katzman001 made First thing I have ever sewed. with:

Sewing Designer Jeans

Online Class

Sewing Designer Jeans

with Angela Wolf

  • Denim

Q&A with Katzman001

kjano571001270 asked:
Well done, great fit. You should be proud.
Katzman001 answered:
Kamloops Kim asked:
those are amazing and the first thing you have ever sewn? This is very inspiring
Katzman001 answered:
Thanks. Yep, first thing. I used this as a project to learn. And since I wear mostly jeans it seemed like a natural thing to make.
Silvercurls asked:
Great job! What pattern did you use? My husband is wanting me to make some jeans for him.
Katzman001 answered:
Thanks. I made the pattern using Kenneth King's Jean-ious class. Kwik Sew also makes a pretty good men's pattern.
prostitch asked:
Katzman, These look terrific! And, for your FIRST project even!!!! All I can say is WOW!!!! Just curious, what inspired you to get into sewing??? JJ:)
Katzman001 answered:
Thanks. Not sure what got me into sewing. I am very mechanically inclined and started playing with really old sewing machines to see if I could fix them and one thing lead to another I guess. Plus my grandfather (I did not know him) was a tailor so perhaps there is a DNA thing!
socolisa asked:
They look great!!! There was no dipping your toe into the jumped in head first and did a fabulous job. Kudos!
Katzman001 answered: