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First jeans

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  • stretch corduroy

Q&A with ChrissyJ

Vickie C asked:
Beautiful! LOVE the fabric!!
ChrissyJ answered:
Thanks! I do too, but there are several problems with this trial run so I don't think they'll end up wearable. I ran out of fabric, so they are on the short side, plus I broke the zipper and the waist band is not stretchy enough so they are tight in the waist. Oh well, they were meant as a practice pair, and I just ordered fabric for 4 more pairs online to dull the pain of failure! :)
jakofalltrades asked:
To address the fact that they may be too short, had you thought about cutting a leg extension from a contrasting fabric and make it look like you meant to add that feature. I have learned that some of my mistakes turn out to be wonderful new discoveries. Good luck.
ChrissyJ answered:
That was my plan, before the other two issues cropped up. Who knows, maybe I will still try to save them.
becaboo asked:
Put a contrasting material for the waistband and the leg extensions and replace the zipper...I think you can do it and the pants will have been saved! If you bought material for 4 more pairs you must have liked the process and the overall results. Do rescue these lovely pants, the material is just lovely! I am thinking of signing up for the class. Do you recommend it?
ChrissyJ answered:
Yeah, it's great... I don't feel at all intimidated by any step with these great instructions to help. The only complaint I have is that some of the camera work could be better.. Interesting idea about doing a contrast waistband, if I find something suitable I might do that. Not sure how to replace the zipper once everything is put toghether, though.
Ms. BB asked:
Great material, you're doing a nice job. How about intentionally making them cropped, above the ankle, something to wear with heels?
ChrissyJ answered:
I ended up adding length using scraps, and you can hardly tell because the pattern hides it. But I just took my machine in for servicing, so I can't finish them up till I have something that can make buttonholes!
Carol07 asked:
Very nice job Chrissy! I agree with the others that suggested using a contrast fabric for the waistband and why not shorten them and add a cuff in the contrast fabric too? These are too nice to toss!
ChrissyJ answered:
I decided to piece the leg so the length is closer to ideal and you really can't tell with this busy fabric. They are at the tailor getting a buttonhole and having the zipper repaired right now, but hopefully I can get photos of the finished project this weekend!

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Get your first class for only $14.99