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First AC project, bloomers skirt

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Sylviaquilts made First AC project, bloomers skirt with:

  • I used medium weight jersey from a t-shirt
  • that I over-dyed a darker shade of blue. I used a black medium weight jersey as the backing layer. I used fabric paint in a pearl blue for the design. Stitching was done with tan button and craft thread. Also
  • I don't like not having a pocket so I took the pocket that I had cut off the front of the t-shirt and added it at the top of the skirt with a blanket stitch. Now I have a place to put my cell phone.

Q&A with Sylviaquilts

djw771518951 asked:
love the color...did you dye the fabric ? I just ordered indigo dye from Dharma......I love the mottled look. Any tips?
Sylviaquilts answered:
Thank you, yes I dyed the 100% cotton t-shirt with Procion MX dye, I believe I used deep navy from Pro-Chemical. I actually did this some time ago when I first got the AC books so not positive on the color. I soaked the fabric in soda ash solution then squished the whole thing into a Ziploc bag with the dye. The more often you manipulate the fabric in the bag the more evenly distributed the dye becomes in the fabric. I let it set for at least 18-20 hours in the bag - blues tend to take more time to batch. Then did washout, then the stenciling, cut out pattern, and did all the stitching as you normally would. Any other questions just ask I have done a lot of dyeing.
faux nom asked:
Neat project, and I also love the blue. Did you get the whole skirt out of one tee shirt? I need to try this!
Sylviaquilts answered:
Thanks, yes each layer was one XXXL 100% cotton shirt. The top layer was a light blue T so I overdyed it to bring it to the more denim color I wanted. Both of these were from goodwill. It's a little bit difficult however to find black t shirts (without some graphic on it) that aren't a little bit faded. So I have also purchased 100% cotton t shirts at Wal Mart. They actually have a Men's Fruit of the Loom shirt that is 4XL - which is 30" for front and back so 60" total width by 3/4 yd high. Limited range of colors but you can always dye them. They are around $6.00 each - so definitely cheap, obviously not as high quality fabric as the organic cotton Alabama Chanin sells, but there are some projects that t shirts are a good option.