Created by: Deshler Designs

Feed Bag Tote Bag with lining

You Can Make This

Deshler Designs made Feed Bag Tote Bag with lining with:

  • Nylon Canvas Feed bag and plastic handles
  • sewing machine and sweat.

Q&A with Deshler Designs

Audrey Slates asked:
I made one out of Dog food bag I use it alot. I want the horse bag at the store My husband said he wasnt buying horse feed just for a bag.
Deshler Designs answered:
Ask a local horse person to save you a few. I quit buying that feed for my horses and only have oats bags now so I am asking other horse friends to save them.
Horsegal asked:
Okay, did one unlined, but will be doing a lined one later. May I ask, what needle did you use?? I used a universal, but it sure didn't last long before it starting messing up & I had to replace with a new one. P.S. I had that same fabric you lined it with, I made a bag out of that a couple of years ago...too funny LOL !!!
Deshler Designs answered:
I used a singer 16 on about four lined ones and then on the advice of a woman at the store I bought a schmetz Universal and it messed up before I finished one, Going back to the singer needs
Cowgirl24 asked:
I like the lining. I made one without, but I'm going to try your version!
Deshler Designs answered:
It is hard on your machine and a little bit more difficult but worth it. Good luck and hollar if you need any pointers.

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