Faux leather - Exposed zipper bag

Project Description

What are you most proud of? That I tried to sew a material that I had never worked with before, but always wanted to try. What advice would you give someone starting this project? * Be sure to use a brand new heavy duty or leather needle to ensure that your needle is sharp. * At first I tried to sew the faux leather using the standard foot on my sewing machine. That doesn't work well. Investing $10 to get a roller foot (made for sewing leather, velvet, etc) made all the difference!

What you will need

  • Faux leather vinyl; cotton lining (pink); zipper
  • roller foot (for sewing machine)

Q&A with Christine F.

Amy Alan asked:
Fancy! Aren't new sewing feet so fun? Your bag looks great. Good for you for trying new fabric!
Christine F. answered:
Hi Amy, and it's your great serger class that started it all. It gave me the confidence to try sewing with different machinery (serger) and now with different materials.....
Katie wozniak asked:
were do you get the instructions
Christine F. answered:
Katie, the instructions for this zipper bag are from a Craftsy class called "Beginning Serging", which is a great class to take.
abelldobb1184005 asked:
Hi Christine your zipper bag looks great. I have been trying to get faux leather in red and can't find it anywhere. I have never used faux before . Thanks for your tips. Ann
Christine F. answered:
Hi, I hope you find your red faux leather! By the way, installing the zIpper into the faux leather was the hardest part, so maybe skip the zipper for your first project with faux leather.
picknstitch asked:
Very professional. I've never tried faux leather, but now I may have to give it a shot!
Christine F. answered:
Hi picknstich, please give it a shot! And I don't know if it is just my imagination or not, but the faux leather seems to sew easier (i.e. not get stuck under the sewing foot) in one direction versus the other. Just haven't figured out yet which one is the "easier" direction :-)
Diane in Oregon asked:
Your bag looks awesome. Good job.
Christine F. answered:
Thanks Diane. It's fun to try out new materials.

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