Fast fitting

Project Description

What are you most proud of? After trying all sorts of fitting techniques I have become more increasingly comfortable with flat pattern adjustments with final tweaking in the muslin stage. I am most proud of my persistency to apply Joi Mahons techniques to a very difficult pattern. What advice would you give someone starting this project? My advice would be to not give in to other schools of thought while practicing this form of fitting. Give this a chance to work before resulting to combining too many different techniques from others. Time will come to do those others.

What you will need

  • Muslin for the fitting shell. Linen for the final dress.

Q&A with adavishouston

NellyJane asked:
This fit looks great but may I make a suggestion? It would look more aesthetically pleasing if the seam on your bust came over the front and through the 'x' that you have marked. Of course feel free to completely ignore my thoughts, such is the beauty of making your own things you can make them look exactly how you want them. I would love to see the finished article when you're done.
adavishouston answered:
Thanks nellyjane, I agree with you. Please see my response to Joi regarding this that adjustment.
Joi Mahon asked:
great you are getting there. You know how you pinned out the sway back, do the same horizontal pinning in the side front panels about he waist area. They will be small tucks that may not be perfectly parallel to the floor, but you can get those tiny wrinkles out very easy for a really flat fit! Sewers skip that stuff between the seams, but it makes a difference. I agree to shift the princess seam over maybe not quite to the x because that will narrow the front, but maybe 3/4inch so it sits facing forward. that will narrow across the front for a more narrow or slimming/ less widening line.
adavishouston answered:
The pattern actually has the bust seam off center like that. The bra pattern pieces would have to be redesigned. That would be a challenge, however I will attempt it. Look at the picture of the bra pattern pieces and advise on how you would attempt it if you can on this platform. As for the from pulling, I added more to the side seams at the hips and thighs and those drag lines relaxed.
Liza115 asked:
Bravo! You've done a great job with this and have given me inspiration to "get on with it"! Please post when you have it made in the fashion fabric!
adavishouston answered:
Thanks for the following, you should now be able to see the final version of the dress.
NancyGTK asked:
Outstanding! Really, you can & should be so proud of what you have accomplished with this pattern. Did you get the bra cups redesigned? I have an idea about that.
adavishouston answered:
Thanks for the comments. I'm sorry it took so long. Yes, I did redesign the bra cups. Please see my final post.
Cara Michelle asked:
Fits really nice! Good job.
adavishouston answered:
Thanks Miss Cara, the the final dress is up for viewing.

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