Fascinator for Jamaican beach wedding

What you will need

  • French netting
  • sparkle tulle
  • pink wire
  • silk gardenia
  • aqua pearls
  • seashells
  • swavorski crystals.

Q&A with Canuckian Girl

TanithD asked:
That's awesome! Love the use of sea colours and the shells. Very cool.
Canuckian Girl answered:
Thanks! The picture doesn't show it very well but the wire that the pearls are stringed on is a lovely coraly pink colour I just kinda fell upon at the craft store.
Dorene Vandermeer asked:
Nice work, very creative. Way to think outside the box and your use of color is very balanced and unique.
Canuckian Girl answered:
Thanks Dorene! Your class has been immensely helpful.