Extra large coil basket

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I'm really pleased with the size of the basket and how practical and sturdy the handles are. I also found it difficult to get the sides to go straight up, so I am pretty pleased with how it turned out. What advice would you give someone starting this project? I ended up pinning my rope as I went to keep it in place when I was doing the sides of the basket. If I didn't do this I found it difficult to get the sides to go straight up. Maybe this gets easier with practice though. Try to avoid creating bulky lumps when adding new stripe because this will make the coils wonky and the top of the basket won't be level.

What you will need

  • 55m x 6mm multi purpose rope
  • thread and cotton fabric.

Q&A with Sarah Becker

Kathy Chip asked:
Love your basket, I have to give it a try, Could you tell me how did you make the handles.
Sarah Becker answered:
Thanks Kathy. The handles are actually pretty straight forward, I just hope I can explain them clearly! On my second last lap around I left two handle shaped loops sticking up unstitched. I continued stitching normally for the last coil until I reached the first loop/handled where I stopped stitching. I wrapped my rope very tightly around and around the handles so that there were no gaps and you can't see the rope that you are wrapping. When I got to the end of the handle I stuck a pin in it to hold it in place while I positioned my basket back under the sewing machine. I then just continued sewing as normal until I got to the second handle where I repeated the process.
Kathy Chip asked:
Hi love your basket, am in the process of making one, but having trouble with the cottong breaking and loops forming on the bottom. Have changed to a new needle, checked tension, but still having trouble any advice????
Sarah Becker answered:
I also have this trouble occasionally. Check the quality of the thread that you're using. The bobbin jumping around in it's case is also a problem on my machine, I think my bobbin is slightly too small for my machine and this may be causing me problems too. I hope you can sort it out, I know I sometimes go out of my mind with frustration over this problem.